Probable development of the Group

Retail Germany

The comprehensive product range offered by HDI-Gerling Lebensversicherung is particularly well suited to meeting the challenges posed by demographic change. With this in mind, we expect the company’s favorable development to continue.

At the start of 2011 HDI-Gerling Firmen und Privat Versicherung AG geared its range of offerings in retail property/casualty insurance to a modular product architecture, bundling contract administration across all lines for operational purposes. Not only does this generate value-added for policyholders, including for example greater flexibility and transparency, it also opens up cost-cutting potential for the insurance carrier and on the sales side.

In the sector comprised of commercial customers and freelance professions, HDI-Gerling Firmen und Privat Versicherung AG will continue to focus on professional indemnity and directors’ and officers’ (D&O) business – lines in which the tariffs are to be revised. Not only that, the product range will be enlarged to include a new IT insurance product. In the area of medical malpractice, modernization of the terms and conditions as well as expansion of the portfolio – always with a close eye to keeping the risks in check – are planned. The portfolio of existing business in the “Compact” product line is to be significantly boosted through a high-volume cooperation and an additional component – “Receivables management” – will be added to the product range.

The turn of the year 2010/2011 raised hopes that the motor market is slowly stabilizing. The average premium level was around 3% higher than in the previous year. In the current financial year HDI Direkt Versicherung AG will continue to position itself as a value-for-money provider in this market. Special emphasis will again be placed on expanding sales over the Internet and through cooperation partners; marketing efforts in employee affinity business will also be further stepped up. All in all, the company expects to increase its premium income by roughly 3%.

For the companies transacting bancassurance business the bar continues to be set high: Neue Leben Lebensversicherung AG intends to further extend its role as a provision specialist and strategic partner for Sparkasse savings institutions and will seek to cement its position in the market through innovative products and its proven performance standard. For the current 2011 financial year Neue Leben Holding AG anticipates a healthy profit. At Targo Lebensversicherung AG the focus is on cementing profitable growth for the long term, superb cost efficiency, the excellent quality of its products and services and the acquisition of new customer groups. In the interests of value-based management PBV Lebensversicherung AG will maintain its orientation towards enhancing efficiency through further improvements in the cost situation and investment income. On this basis we see opportunities to gain market advantages and further strengthen the competitive position of PBV Lebensversicherung AG as a specialist provider of products for individual retirement provision.