Non-financial performance indicators

Marketing and advertising, sales

The multi-brand principle pursued within the Talanx Group is reflected in its polyphonic external communications inasmuch as the subsidiaries seek to address their specific customer segments with their various brands through tailored marketing and advertising. Primary insurers such as HDI and HDI-Gerling engage directly with the broader public, using inter alia TV commercials, publicity campaigns and sponsorship activities. Reinsurance and asset management operations focus on their particular target groups. Talanx AG speaks principally to the broader financial community and business journalists and its communication is therefore limited chiefly to print advertisements in selected media.

The sales channels employed by the Group’s companies are extremely diverse: they range from our own tied agents’ organizations and local representation by branch offices and sales outlets through the use of brokers and independent agents to highly specialized bancassurance cooperations. For further information please see the subsections on the various Group segments.