Non-financial performance indicators


The member companies of the Talanx Group demonstrate their sense of responsibility to the environment in a broad variety of ways. Three courses of action are available to our insurers: sustainable enterprise management, the development of products that promote criteria such as environmental conservation, energy efficiency and social responsibility, and observance of such criteria in their own investment decisions.

At our companies we are committed inter alia to energy-saving measures, which take a number of forms in our office buildings. New buildings, in particular, offer an opportunity to pay close attention to environmentally compatible construction techniques and ecologically friendly operation. A current example is the new corporate headquarters in Hannover, which is to be occupied by the end of 2011: the technical concept here is geared to the minimal consumption of energy and resources. The basic energy need for heating and cooling, for example, is served by the earth’s natural potential (geothermal energy). A highly insulated building envelope, triple glazing and the greening of roof surfaces similarly contribute to the building’s sustainability.

On the product side our range of insurance offerings includes coverage extensions for photovoltaic systems as well as preferential rates in motor insurance for fuel-efficient vehicles, hybrid vehicles and those with engines powered by electricity, natural gas, hydrogen or fuel cells. HDI-Gerling offers an actively managed eco-portfolio in all its current fund products. The “Zukunft” (“Future”) investment strategy contains sustainable equity, mixed and bond funds. The selection criteria are conservation of the natural environment, economical use of resources, fair treatment of people and an attractive return.

AmpegaGerling’s portfolio also contains investment products that accommodate sustainability concerns. It offers several sustainable investments, including not only the Gerling Responsibility Fund but also the special bond and equity funds terrAssisi Renten I AMI and terrAssisi Aktien I AMI. These funds invest in entities and issuers that incorporate not only economic but also environmental and social criteria into their company strategy and which are considered trailblazers when it comes to assuming responsibility for a sustainable future.

Our Group invests in accordance with regulatory requirements with an eye to the greatest possible profitability, liquidity and security so as to be able to render the agreed insurance benefits at all times. If investment options are available to us that accommodate particular ethical, social and ecological concerns while at the same time meeting all the aforementioned requirements, these are given special consideration.