The Talanx Group is internationally active in primary insurance (with the exception of the health and credit lines) and reinsurance business. In its domestic market our Group is a major player in shaping the insurance industry. At Talanx, we optimize the interplay of insurance and reinsurance as an integral component of our business model with the aim of consistently enhancing the opportunity/risk profile, increasing capital efficiency and leveraging growth and profit opportunities more flexibly. What is more, this composition of the Group portfolio ensures that even in difficult market phases our Group has at its disposal sufficient independent risk capacities to support its clients reliably and over the long term, tap into interesting markets and thereby safeguard and enhance the independence and underlying value of the Group for investors and employees on a lasting basis.

The Group is headed by Talanx AG as a financial and management holding company. Its primary task is to lead and steer the Group. In its management of the Group, Talanx AG relies on the organizational principle of centralized Group steering functions and concentrated Group service functions, on the one hand, combined with local profit responsibility on the part of the divisions, on the other. The success enjoyed by the Talanx Group is attributable in special measure to this organizational structure, which accords the individual divisions a very high level of entrepreneurial freedom and profit responsibility. In this way the various units are best able to act on their growth and profit opportunities.

While the Talanx brand – as the name given to the financial and management holding company, the service companies and the management companies of individual divisions – is oriented exclusively towards the capital market, on the operating side our considerable international product expertise, our forward-looking underwriting policy and our distribution resources are reflected in a multi-brand strategy. This enables us to optimally align ourselves with the needs of different customer groups, regions and cooperation partners. Furthermore, it promotes the efficient integration of new companies and/or business sectors into the Group. Not only that, this structure facilitates a highly developed capacity for cooperation which can be harmonized with a diverse range of partners and business models.

A crucial factor in the success of our multi-brand strategy is the optimal support that it is given through lean, efficient and standardized business processes combined with a state-of-the-art and – as far as possible – uniform IT structure.