Strategic objectives of Talanx

The paramount strategic objectives of the Talanx Group are safeguarding a lasting majority interest of HDI V. a. G. and hence extensive independence from unsustainable capital market interests with a short-term orientation as well as focusing on stakeholder value. This is driven by the firm conviction that only on this basis can the Group’s policy be geared to reliable continuity, above-average profitable growth and hence long-term value enhancement. This is done with the intention of living up to the interests of both shareholders and – so to speak as a prerequisite – customers and staff in a balanced manner and generating the greatest possible benefit for these groups. We accomplish these aspirations through a strong Talanx Group that is continuously able to provide the best possible risk protection by consistently consolidating and optimizing its equity base and capital allocation. As a mandatory guiding principle, these strategic objectives form the basis from which all other Group goals are derived.

Our strategy for human resources management is described at length in the section “Non-financial performance indicators”, while the management of opportunities and risks is described in the “Opportunity and risk report”. These two aspects are therefore not discussed further here.