The Talanx Group

Business operations

The Talanx Group is the third-largest German insurance group measured by gross premium income and operates as a multi-brand provider in the insurance and financial services sector. At the end of 2010 we employed around 18,000 staff worldwide. The Group is headed by the Hannover-based financial and management holding company Talanx AG, the sole owner of which is HDI V. a. G., a mutual insurance company that can look back on more than a hundred years of history.

Group companies transact the insurance lines and classes specified in the Ordinance Concerning the Reporting by Insurance Undertakings to the Federal Insurance Supervisory Office (BerVersV), in some cases in direct written insurance business and in some cases in reinsurance business, with various areas of concentration: life insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, motor insurance, aviation insurance (including space insurance), legal protection insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance, water damage insurance, plate glass insurance, windstorm insurance, comprehensive householders insurance, comprehensive homeowners insurance, hail insurance, livestock insurance, engineering insurance, omnium insurance, marine insurance, credit and surety business (reinsurance only), extended coverage for fire and fire loss of profits insurance, business interruption insurance, travel assistance insurance, aviation and space liability insurance, other property insurance, other indemnity insurance.

Talanx is represented by its own companies or branches in 40 countries worldwide. Including its cooperation arrangements, the Group is active in altogether 150 countries. In retail business Germany is one area of concentration, while internationally the principal focus markets are the growth regions of Central and Eastern Europe as well as Turkey and Latin America. Industrial lines and especially reinsurance are also transacted in a number of other markets, including for example North America, South Africa, Australia and some Asian countries.