In order to ensure optimal access and usage of this site, the explanations given below shall introduce you to the various service features available.


Navigating the online report

You can access the various topics of this report by navigating the subjects on the left hand side.

Page navigation

The page navigation placed above the content field helps to browse through the report pages in succession by starting from any page. This is facilitated by the links of the previous and following page, which is named accordingly.

Download center and "My Report"

Download center

"Download center" provides you with the whole report, parts of the report as well as important tables in Excel format for download. These documents can be selected by clicking the check boxes for collective download.

Acrobat Reader of Adobe is required to be able to read and open the offered PDF documents. Please visit the website of Adobe for free download.

My Report

Use the Link "Add Chapter" to create your individual PDF of the report. Select each page that you are interested in from the presented chapters of the report. Click on “View Selection” to see your selection, delete PDF-files or compile your selection to a single PDF-file for download. The small number behind "View Selection" shows you how many chapters you have already chosen.

Page functions

Print page

Click here to print the content of the relevant page in an optimized print view. With the function "print preview" of your browser window, you can customize settings for the print-out.

Full-Text Search

This feature enables you to search the whole report for words or phrases. Each hit is highlighted in the search result list.

Order print report

Clicking on "Order print report" you may order a print version of the report which will be sent to you by mail.

E-Mail this page

Recommend the current page to others via E-mail.


All glossary entries are highlighted in the text with a sketched line. Roll over the word with the cursor to get definition in a small window. You will find an overview of all glossary entries on the glossary page.

Scale font size

Enlarge or minimize the font size by keeping „ctrl“-button pressed and scrolling your mouse wheel.


Click on the language button in order to switch between the available German or English language versions page by page.