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The Talanx Group operates as a multi-brand provider in the insurance and financial services industry. Our major brands in primary insurance and reinsurance as well as for financial services are set out on the opposite page. As in the past, the Talanx brand stands for the company at the head of the Group – namely Talanx AG, which performs the functions of a management and financial holding company within the Group but is not itself active in insurance business.

A new feature, however, is that several other Group companies now also bear the Talanx name: they include the service companies Talanx Service AG and Talanx Systeme AG, the latter of which is still in the process of establishment. The divisional companies Talanx Deutschland AG and Talanx International AG bring together the operational companies operating under various brands in Germany and abroad. Similarly, the asset management and real estate management companies will also trade under the Talanx name going forward. Not only that: the Group’s own professional reinsurance broker, handling the reinsurance business ceded by the Talanx Group, will in future operate under the Talanx brand: Protection Re is to become Talanx Reinsurance Broker.

Image: Talanx Tower
Image: HDI Gerling

HDI-Gerling operates worldwide in retail insurance and industrial lines. The product range extends from property, casualty and accident covers to life insurance, occupational retirement provision and individual solutions for old-age provision.


Bild: HDI

HDI Direkt Versicherung AG operates under this brand in the Retail Germany division. Some companies outside Germany transacting retail business and industrial lines also trade under the HDI name.

Image: Hannover Re, E+S Rück
Hannover Re, E+S Rück

The Hannover Re Group, one of the largest and most profitable reinsurers in the world, transacts all lines of non-life and life/health reinsurance and maintains business relations with more than 5,000 insurance companies in around 150 countries. E+S Rück is a specialist reinsurer serving the German market.

Image: AmpegaGerling

One of the largest independent asset managers in Germany, responsible for financial services within the Group. From funds business to asset management activities for private and institutional investors, AmpegaGerling covers the complete value-added chain in asset management.

Image: Targo Versicherungen
Targo Versicherungen

In the bancassurance sales channel the Targo insurers operate exclusively for their partner TARGOBANK and deliver a service for their customers that is geared to the easy and comfortable handling of all banking, financial and insurance transactions.

Bild: PB Versicherungen
PB Versicherungen

The PB insurers are active in the bancassurance sales channel exclusively for their partner Postbank: embedded into its market profile and geared to the needs of its customers, they offer attractive insurance products at reasonable prices.

Image: Neue Leben
Neue Leben

The Neue Leben insurers are positioned in the bancassurance sales channel as provision specialists for Sparkasse savings institutions. They offer their customers and sales partners innovative insurance products on attractive terms.

Bild: Posta Biztosító
Posta Biztosító

The high-growth bancassurance cooperation with the Hungarian postal service. The readily comprehensible and transparent range of products offering outstanding value for money spans the life and property/casualty lines.