Integrated infrastructure

At best, a city without functioning infrastructure quickly loses its appeal. At worst, it collapses. An inadequate infrastructure obstructs the city’s growth and smooth co-existence. A poorly developed health system with no efficient hospitals or lack of specialist physicians, traffic jams, a public transport system that fails to work, inadequate supply and disposal networks for water, sewage, electricity, gas, telecommunications and garbage not only have a diminishing effect on the quality of life. In the long run, such symptoms cause stress and illness. What is more, they have a detrimental impact on business.

This is why it is vital for an urban center such as Talanx City to ensure through efficient central functions that its infrastructure is state-of-the-art or – even better – a little ahead of its time. Talanx is therefore overhauling the infrastructure for its central functions: when it comes to the Group’s most valuable internal commodity, namely information, the transportation system – the information technology – simply has to work. That is the job of the IT departments, which are to be concentrated in the course of the year at Talanx Systeme AG. Working in cooperation with the various districts, it will be ensured through development and space utilization plans that the districts are able to fulfill their tasks and objectives and boost their performance capability.

Equally indispensable for the proper functioning of the city are efficient processes in other key infrastructure tasks – a role covered by Talanx Service AG. As the central pivot point in primary insurance business, it will enhance the efficiency of the original functions in the districts, harmonize, render transparent and standardize services for users and provide the districts with consistent financial data. The districts will, however, retain certain service functions that are particularly closely related to their operational business. For it remains the case going forward, as in the past, that full profit and cost responsibility rests with the districts.

Image: Urban network train

Talanx AG is extending its function from that of a pure financial holding company to a financial and management holding company. This means that the city will be directed more closely from Talanx AG. The latter will continue to exercise its previous strategic functions, but it will also exert a greater influence on the positioning and performance of the divisions in order to safeguard adherence to the overall strategy.