Life in society

Image: Urban culture concert

The highly diverse cultural offerings of a large city can be crucial to a resident’s decision to live there rather than moving out into the countryside or a small town. The opportunities for education and training – from primary school to university level – can also be richer.

In Talanx City training and personnel development activities are included among the measures designed to make urban life more promising. Members of staff receive targeted support for their demanding duties with the aim of consolidating and extending their above-average skills set. In this way, the idea is to optimally prepare the city for fresh competitive challenges. In addition to the fostering of specialist qualifications, wide-ranging training activities in methodological and social skills are regularly offered right across all the districts.

On the Group level the most notable innovation is the establishment of the Talanx Corporate Academy. Working in cooperation with leading European business schools, this offers a particularly high-caliber training program for senior managers at all Group companies worldwide. Supplementing the offerings of the divisions and national companies, the Corporate Academy serves in particular to convey the strategy and management methods of Talanx. Professors from highly reputed business schools and members of the Talanx Board of Management complement one another as speakers and discussants.

Image: Urban culture auditorium

Considerable importance also attaches to initial training in Talanx City: for young people, solid training is essential for getting off to a successful start in working life. For the city, it means an enduring supply of skilled, qualified and motivated residents.

Education and training is a matter of such fundamental importance to Talanx that it has placed it front and center of its responsibility to society. As a key element in its range of corporate social responsibility activities, the Group has set up the Talanx Foundation. This makes funds available for the awarding of scholarships to students. And so we already find ourselves right in the midst of the diverse array of measures relating to corporate social responsibility, a concern that is perceived within the city in three ways: operating according to sustainable business practices, developing products that promote environmental protection, efficient energy consumption or social responsibility, and observing such criteria in our own investments. Each of these considerations is reflected in numerous examples – whether it be power-saving measures in our own buildings, solutions that respond to environmental concerns such as photovoltaic systems or fuel-efficient vehicles, or investment products that take account of sustainability or ecological aspects.