The city as a human habitat

Image: City café

A city and its inhabitants have a symbiotic relationship – the city shapes its residents, the residents shape their city and in this way enhance its appeal to people who would like to live there. And those who enjoy living in their city also take pride in it.

With a population of 17,000, Talanx City ranks among Europe’s largest “insurance metropolises”. The inhabitants are a thoroughly international mix – people from 40 countries and five continents live in Talanx City. For the German residents – and only for this part of the population detailed surveys are available – the proportion of female employees stood at 47%, the average age was 43.5. Both these figures are slightly above the average. The period of residence, i.e. the length of service with the company, is also above average at 14.2 years and testifies to just how much people enjoy living in Talanx City.

What must a city offer its residents? Pleasant living conditions, a healthy environment, good infrastructure, cultural life. To put it another way, good working conditions, appropriate remuneration, adequate opportunities for training and development, a healthy working atmosphere. Conditions such as these attract highly skilled, well educated, creative and motivated people.

In the future, Talanx City wants to further boost its appeal as it competes with other “cities” for this clientele. The districts and head office have therefore developed a series of measures designed to publicize largely undiscovered career openings and interesting entry opportunities and hence attract immigrants. In addition to enhancing its attraction for new settlers, the city is also working constantly on improvements for its current residents. Even now, a broad variety of part-time working models are intended to make work and family life more compatible – inter alia by increasingly ensuring that childcare facilities are available in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. Yet the city also supports its residents in their leisure time: Talanx City sponsors numerous team sports events by covering registration fees and supplying jerseys; the inhabitants of all parts of the city are only too happy to take up such offers of assistance.