Urban planning needs a strategy

Bild: Talanx City - Urban planning needs a strategy
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Urban planning and urban development are time-tested cultural techniques. Long before our calendar began geographers, architects, engineers, landscape and area planners have dedicated themselves to the art of how a place of coexistence should look and what role it should play in a larger geographical space. They have drawn up plans as to how the place should be designed and how it must be further developed in order to offer a secure and pleasant quality of life while at the same time serving as a center of attraction for people.

Talanx stands on a solid financial foundation, exerts considerable appeal and has excellent financial strength! With a view to making sure that this remains the case, plans for the future of Talanx City are already in place. Urban development means managing the entire development of the city, i. e. also with an eye to social, economic, cultural and ecological considerations. City planners work on an interdisciplinary and integrated basis with a forward-looking gaze. This also applies to the Group strategy, which shows the way forward for the entire Group and defines clear goals. Building upon this foundation, each division – each district – has a development plan tailored exactly to its needs – one which enhances the particular locality and helps the city as a whole to perform more successfully in the competitive environment.

This planning is intended to ensure that Talanx City preserves its appeal and continues to handle its tasks efficiently and successfully. This is precisely what constitutes the backdrop for our latest urban planning activities. Following the rapid and successful incorporation of the Gerling companies, the most pressing task facing the city fathers was to optimize the structure of the Talanx Group. At the core of this planning is a reconfiguration of the city’s districts, the various parts that make up its primary insurance business. They are to be geared to our customer segments: specifically, to industrial lines worldwide and to German and international retail business, in the latter cases spanning the various lines of insurance. The city fathers have identified here a great opportunity to strengthen the characteristic features of each new district as well as the unchanged district of reinsurance and to further enhance their appeal to visitors and residents alike – i. e. to customers, investors and employees. For the city as a whole, this means that its power of attraction will continue to grow and it will climb higher in the rankings relative to its rivals.